Hyundai Blue Link Technology in Boardman, OH

Blue link is a dynamic, telematics technology that allows Hyundai vehicles to send?and receive?important and useful information. The system uses an enhanced cellular network, with automatic roaming, that optimizes connections and prioritizes emergency requests. In your vehicle, Blue link uses voice-response technology, with the addition of a live assistance team for selected needs.

With Blue Link you get...

Automatic emergency assistance with Roadside Assistance
- Point-of-Interest Search and Navigation Assistance (includes restaurant ratings, nearby gas station prices, weather forecast, etc.)
Maintenance and Self Diagnostics
Complete Assurance & Protection
Enhanced Communication (includes location sharing)
Remote Vehicle Access (includes Remote unlock and remote start*)
Text messaging, email, or automated phone alerts*

Emergency Assistance
With the single press of a dedicated button, owners can contact Roadside Assistance and their vehicle information and location are automatically transmitted to a response center for quicker, more efficient assistance. In addition, owners can press the SOS button, which will transmit vehicle information and location to specially trained operators who can assist in coordinating the dispatch of appropriate emergency assistance. The operator remains on the line with the owner until advised assistance has arrived. 

In the event an accident occurs and an airbag is deployed, the ACN signal containing owner and location information is immediately and automatically transmitted to a response center. Upon receipt of the signal, an operator will attempt to establish voice communication with the vehicle occupants and forward any pertinent information to emergency services. 

POI Search & Navigation 
Search for Points of Interest through an advanced voice recognition system that has agent assistance in the background for those difficult times. Any search results you find can be downloaded to the vehicle`s available navigation system which acts just like an in-car search system. 

Eating out is great. Eating out at top-rated restaurants, even better. Especially when you`re in a new town and don`t know the area. Blue Link searches restaurants by ratings and the results are played back by automated voice. Once you select a restaurant, you can download it into the vehicle`s Blue Link navigation system. 

No more cruising the streets looking for a gas station. With Blue Link, you can locate gas stations by price and brand right from the vehicle. The navigation results are then played back via automated voice, and can be downloaded for future reference. 

Drive responsibly with Eco-Coach. It logs your driving performance habits, including MPG, on a continual and historical basis. You can find the results, as well as environmentally responsible driving recommendations, on 

Know the weather before you go. Blue Link provides weather forecasts and alerts for your current location, or for your favorite locations you choose through 

Select a Point of Interest and Turn-by-Turn Navigation will guide you there. It will provide both visual and audio guidance to ensure you arrive at the location. 

Get traffic information surrounding your vehicle and the nearby area based on preferences you set using Blue Link in You can also predefine several routes to a particular destination and receive a regularly scheduled traffic alert for traffic delays along those routes. You`ll receive real-time traffic updates along with alternate route guidance based on your current location. 

Assurance & Protection
Keep an eye on your Hyundai, without having to watch its every turn. Blue Link technology can help find the location of your vehicle, the time of day it`s being driven and how fast it`s going to ensure the driver is following your rules. In the event your vehicle is stolen, Blue Link can help law enforcement locate it. 

If the boundaries you set are crossed, you'll be notified.Define a set of parameters with Blue Link through, and Blue link oversees your vehicle's movement in and out of the specified region. When the vehicle enters or leaves this region, you will be notified by email, text message or automated phone message.

Set a curfew time and be alerted if it's passed.  A perfect solution for the curfew breaker, this feature sends alerts via text or phone message if the vehicle is being used outside of predetermined time interval set through

If it's stolen, we'll help notify law enforcement. Now, stolen vehicles have a lot better chance of being recovered. In the event a vehicle is reported stolen and a report has been filed with the appropriate police department, the response center can provide assistance to the police in an attempt to locate and recover the vehicle. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown enables law enforcement to gradually reduce the engine power of the vehicle, slowing it down to safe levels. A warning is also transmitted to the driver prior to the slowdown procedure. Stolen Vehicle Immobilization enables law enforcement to send a signal to the vehicle, which immobilizes the engine management system, preventing it from starting. 

Be alerted if there's a problem. Alarm Notification informs the owner when and where a vehicle alert is activated. The Panic Notification feature tells the owner when the panic button on their vehicle`s key fob has been activated, signifying that a family member or other vehicle occupant may be in danger. All Blue Link notifications are configured online and occur via email, text message or automated phone message. 

Pay attention to your lunch date, not the valet.  Keep an eye on your vehicle, even while inside a restaurant. This feature allows you to monitor vehicle movement within a predefined boundary around the location Valet Alert is activated. You will be notified via text or phone message if the vehicle goes outside the area. 

Connect to your world with the push of a button.  Now you can keep the lines of communication open right from the driver seat.  Blue Link helps make it happen.  Discover where your friends are, share where you are and meet up for a quick get-together.  Send voice messages to your family from the road, and Blue Link translates them into text.  Thew new way to communicate is the Blue Link way. 

Share your location with friends.  Through location sharing, you can send your location directly to your friends on social networking sites, like Facebook.  You can also see the exact location of your Hyundai-driving friends.

Your Voice translated into texts. Simply engage the Voice Text Messaging system via your Bluetooth connected phone, dictate a message and select a contact.  Your message will be translated into a text message.

Maintenance and Diagnostics
To help maintain the health of your vehicle, it`s important to stay up to date on service and maintenance. The vehicle maintenance technology of Blue Link® provides maintenance reminders, archives service records, diagnoses problems and connects you to service providers to promote safer driving for years to come. 

Receive audio answers to the frequently asked questions found in the owner's manual.  Also, stay aware with monthly diagnostic reports.  On, owners can review the current health of their car, and receive monthly reports of vehicle diagnostics.

Get notifications on maintenance and Recall notices.  Now it's easy to stay up-to-date on vehicle maintenance.  Maintenance Alert notifies the owner via, email or SMS message that an upcoming service is due, and explains what is included in particular maintenance intervals.  In the event of a recall, Recall Advisor provides notification of recall campaigns via email,, and on the in-vehicle display.

Get a diagnosis and a plan of action when your vehicle needs repair.  When owners receive a vehicle trouble alert, this feature provides an explanation and repair assistance using vehicle data and off-board diagnosis capabilities. Through a combination of in-vehicle display alerts and guided voice messages, the owner will get additional instructions and what to do next. This information is automatically sent to the owner`s preferred dealer to assist with the repair process. 

Schedule service or speak to a helpful advisor. Scheduling service hasn't ever been easier. A recording of your request and a diagnostic snapshot of your vehicle may be sent directly to the dealer in advance of your visit. You may also elect to speak to a live operator standing by for additional owner support. 

Remote access
Now you can lock, unlock and start your hyundai remotely.*  Some things are better from a distance.  Now you can lock and unlock the doors, activate the horn and headlights, and start your vehicle remotely by dialing a toll-free number, using, or through a mobile phone application.

Packages and Pricing
For Pricing and Packages, please call Preston Hyundai at (888) 885 - 8629 or  Visit This Link for more information